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CuteyCo Gummy Pets – Make Your Own Gummy Kit – Activity for Children
CuteyCo Gummy Pets – Make Your Own Gummy Kit – Activity for Children

CuteyCo Gummy Pets – Make Your Own Gummy Kit – Activity for Children

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  • YUM! TASTES LIKE STORE BOUGHT: CuteyCo's make your own gummy kit is fun candy science that actually tastes like store bought. Beware of imitators that taste gross and have the consistency of goo (seaweed ingredients, yuck!). Our gummies were taste-tested with 72 different experiments to get the taste right.
  • 32 FLAVOR COMBINATIONS: CuteyCo’s DIY kit is the perfect activity for children. It includes FOUR fun colors and FIVE kid-friendly flavors: grape, lime, fruit punch, cherry, and sour. That gives you a total of 32 combos to experiment with.
  • 4 SERVINGS, 32 LARGE GUMMIES: CuteyCo’s DIY gummy kit is packed full with 4 servings worth of ingredients. The reusable gummy candy kit mold means kids can make multiple batches of gummy treats and have fun experimenting combining flavors. The only ingredient needed from your kitchen is sugar. All other ingredients are included in the gummy DIY kit.
  • 8 GUMMY PET DESIGNS: Your children will fall in love with the 8 adorable Gummy Pets that come in our activity for kids. Our candy lab includes make your own gummy bears, dogs, cats, unicorns, penguins, and bunnies! Your kids will have just as much playing with their new Gummy Pets as eating them. It’s clear why our DIY kit is rated so high.
  • LEARNING IS FUN WITH CANDY SCIENCE: Our children’s activity provides hassle-free instructions with an easy-to-follow recipe. With pre-measured ingredients our gummy DIY kit ensures that children will enjoy their exciting candy science in their at-home candy lab! See how colors change when combined, watch the solid state sugar dissolve into liquid, and test out flavors as they change from sweet to sour. Our Gummy Pet kits are the perfect activity for children to learn and have fun.
Are you looking for an activity for children that is interactive, fun, and educational? CuteyCo's Make Your Own Gummy Pets kit is the perfect solution! This gummy making kit allows kids to experiment with 32 combinations of colors and flavors. Watch how ingredients disappear in water, and celebrate their candy science success with an adorable yummy gummy pet! The gummy candy kit includes five delicious and colorful flavors: grape (purple), fruit punch (blue), lime (green), cherry (red), and sour. Each kit makes four batches of gummies (32 gummies total). This activity for kids allows the opportunity to mix and match to see what new flavors and colors they can create with their DIY gummy kit. Your kit comes with a reusable mold that features eight adorable gummy pets. You don't just get to make your own gummy bears, you can make gummy dogs, cats, bunnies, unicorns, and penguins, too! The gummy kit box features a space to name each pet to make it your own.. The easy-to-follow instructions clearly lays out each step of the process so you can turn your kitchen into a candy lab and have fun conducting exciting candy science experiments. All of the ingredients you'll need are included in your gummy kit except for sugar. Order your CuteyCo Gummy Pets Kit today!

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