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Birthstone Artist Sand Color Collection
Birthstone Artist Sand Color Collection

Birthstone Artist Sand Color Collection

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Our Birthstone collection features 12 colors of sand to represent each month's birthstone. For months with multiple birthstones, the most common stone is represented.

The colored sand included in this collection is:
Apple (garnet birthstone)
Wisteria (amethyst birthstone)
Capri (aquamarine birthstone)
Silver Shimmer (diamond birthstone)
Emerald (emerald birthstone)
White (pearl birthstone)
Ruby (ruby birthstone)
Kiwi (peridot birthstone)
Cobalt (sapphire birthstone)
Pink (pink tourmaline birthstone)
Saffron (yellow topaz/citrine birthstone)
Tropic (blue zircon/blue topaz birthstone)

* Odor Free! 
* Subtle beautiful sparkle in sand 
* Fine and soft-flowing 
* Non-clumping

The color collection contains twelve 8 oz. bags (6 lbs. total)
8 oz. Sand = approx. 3/4 cups 

Not recommend for fish aquariums. 

Our colored sand is manufactured in the USA using extra fine soft sand with a subtle sparkle. It will not clump and is perfect for terrariums, sand art, merchandise displays, floral designs, mosaics, home decor, zen gardens, candle holders, and more.

The true color of the sand may vary slightly from what appears on your computer monitor. 

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